Kenapa Baterai Oppo A3s Cepat Habis? Sebab & Cara Memperbaiki
Kenapa Baterai Oppo A3s Cepat Habis? Sebab & Cara Memperbaiki

Why does Oppo A3s Battery Run Out Quickly? Cause & How to Fix

Oppo A3s battery runs out quickly? You may have experienced this problem while using your smartphone on this one. Although the Oppo A3s has a pretty good battery life, there are some factors that can cause the battery to drain quickly.

This article will explain about the various possibilities as well as solutions to this problem, so that you can be more effective in using your phone and maximize the battery life of Oppo A3s.

Limited Battery Capacity

Limited battery capacity is one of the main factors why the Oppo A3s battery runs out quickly. With a capacity of 4230 mAh, the Oppo A3s battery is not able to last long if used intensively. This battery capacity can be said to be quite standard for phones in the same price range. However, if you often use your phone for various activities such as playing games, streaming videos, or using heavy applications, battery life will drain quickly. Therefore, you need to understand this battery capacity limitation and use it wisely.

Heavy App Usage

One factor that can affect Oppo A3s battery life is the use of heavy applications. Applications such as games, video streaming, or continuous use of the camera will drain the battery quickly. This is due to more intensive CPU and GPU usage when running apps that require high resources. So, if you often use these applications, Oppo A3s battery life will decrease significantly.

Screen Brightness that is Too High

One of the causes of the Oppo A3s battery running out quickly is the brightness level or screen brightness that is too high. The higher the brightness level, the more power is used and reduces battery life. The smartphone screen is one of the components that uses most of the battery power. Therefore, reducing the screen brightness level can help extend battery life. You can adjust the screen brightness according to the environmental lighting conditions or use automatic features such as adaptive brightness if available.

Constantly Active Internet Connection

Do you often connect to the internet via mobile data networks? If so, this could be one of the reasons why the Oppo A3s battery runs out quickly. The use of applications that require an internet connection such as browsing, streaming, or social media will constantly use significant battery power. This is due to the data sending and receiving activities that occur when connected to the internet. To make the Oppo A3s battery last longer, turn off the internet connection when not in use and utilize the Wi-Fi feature when available to save battery power. Using Wi-Fi is usually more efficient than relying on mobile data networks.

Active Bluetooth and GPS Features

Have you ever experienced the Oppo A3s battery draining quickly even though you don’t use too many apps or services that require an internet connection? One of the causes could be an active Bluetooth or GPS feature. The Bluetooth feature is used for various purposes such as connecting the phone with wireless audio devices or transferring data between devices. Meanwhile, the GPS feature is used for location tracking or navigation. Both of these features require considerable power and can drain the battery quickly if left active continuously. Therefore, be sure to turn off the Bluetooth and GPS features when not in use so that the Oppo A3s battery lasts longer.

Too Many Apps

Today’s digital world makes us often install various applications to fulfill our daily needs. However, having too many apps on your phone can be the cause of the Oppo A3s battery running out quickly. Every application installed on the phone will use battery power, even if you are not using it. This is due to some background activities that keep running even when the app is not active. For example, some apps will check for updates or perform data synchronization automatically. Therefore, it is better to only install apps that you really need and coupled with the removal of apps that are rarely used.

Increased Battery Life

Over time, the battery on Oppo A3s will experience a decrease in capacity or age known as degradation. This is a natural process that occurs in every battery. The older the battery, the faster it will drain. Oppo A3s batteries can generally last for 2-3 years with normal use before requiring replacement. However, keep in mind that battery life is also affected by other factors such as battery charging frequency and usage conditions. If your Oppo A3s battery is getting quite old and starting to show signs of decreasing capacity, it might be time to consider a new battery replacement to extend the life of your phone.

Solution to Oppo A3s Battery Problem that Runs Out Quickly

Lower Screen Brightness

One solution that you can do is to lower the screen brightness level on Oppo A3s. Reducing the screen brightness will reduce battery power usage and extend your phone’s usage time. However, make sure to maintain enough screen brightness to make it comfortable to use. You can adjust the brightness level manually through the settings or use automatic features such as adaptive brightness if available.

Closing Unused Apps

We often forget to close apps after using them and leave them running in the background. In fact, apps that continue to run in the background will continue to use battery power unnecessarily. Therefore, be sure to close applications that are not being used so as not to burden the Oppo A3s battery power. It’s very easy, just press the button that is usually used for navigation between applications (usually in the center or bottom of the screen) and slide the application you want to close to the left or right of the screen.

Using Battery Saving Mode

Oppo A3s comes with a battery saving mode feature that can help extend battery life. This mode will limit some of the phone’s features and power usage to make it more efficient. Features that are usually limited in battery saving mode include email or app synchronization, notifications, and animations. You can enable battery saving mode when your battery is running low or if you want to extend the life of your phone.

Using Wi-Fi instead of Cellular Data Network

Using a cellular data network on your phone can affect battery life. The cellular data network uses higher power than using Wi-Fi. Therefore, if possible, it is better to use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data network when available. Besides being more power efficient, using Wi-Fi can also provide better connection speeds.

Enabling Airplane Mode

Enabling airplane mode on the Oppo A3s can help save battery power. Airplane mode will turn off all features that require a connection such as mobile data network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. If you are not expecting an important call or message and want to save battery power, you can temporarily activate airplane mode. Airplane mode is very useful when you are in a place with a weak signal or while flying in an airplane.

Replacing the Battery with a New One

If the Oppo A3s battery is old enough and does not provide adequate durability, replacing it with a new battery may be the best solution. Batteries that have been used longer usually experience a decrease in capacity or age which can result in shorter battery life. You can replace the Oppo A3s battery with a new one to extend the life of your cellphone. Make sure to use a battery that matches the specifications of Oppo A3s and is of good quality. If you are not sure, you should take your phone to an authorized Oppo service place to get the right battery.

Take Good Care of the Battery

Taking good care of the battery can also help extend the life and durability of the Oppo A3s battery. Some battery maintenance tips that you can do include avoiding using the phone when the battery is too low or too full, avoiding temperatures that are too hot or too cold, and making sure the battery still has a little power when stored for long periods of time. Also, do not expose the battery to excessive liquid or impact. By taking good care of the battery, you can extend the life and durability of the Oppo A3s battery.

Alternatives Why Oppo A3s Battery Runs Out Quickly

Use Fast Charging Feature

One alternative that you might try is the use of the fast charging feature on Oppo A3s. This feature allows fast battery charging in a shorter time compared to regular charging. However, continuous use of the fast charging feature can reduce battery life in the long run. So, you need to be wise in using this feature. We recommend using the fast charging feature only when absolutely necessary and use regular daily charging to maintain the health of the Oppo A3s battery.

Use of Unauthorized Accessories

The use of unofficial or uncertified accessories, such as chargers or spare batteries, can also affect Oppo A3s battery life. Accessories that are not authorized or do not match the specifications of the phone may cause problems with the battery such as unstable charging or overcharging. Therefore, make sure to use official accessories recommended by Oppo or accessories that match your phone specifications.

Operating System Upgrade

Operating system updates on Oppo A3s can affect battery performance. Sometimes, operating system updates can optimize power usage and improve battery life. However, there is also a possibility that operating system updates cause problems or conflicts with existing applications, which ultimately affects battery life. If after performing an operating system update, the Oppo A3s battery drains quickly or there is a significant decrease in durability, you can try returning to the previous version or contacting Oppo service to get the best solution according to your situation.

Increase Battery Capacity

If after trying the various solutions above you still feel that the Oppo A3s battery life is inadequate, you can also consider increasing the battery capacity. Some third parties provide battery upgrade services that include replacing the battery with a larger capacity. However, before upgrading, be sure to consider several things such as cost, time, and potential risks that may be associated with this upgrade process.

Using Battery Saver Apps

There are many battery saver apps available on the Play Store that can help extend Oppo A3s battery life. These apps usually offer features such as shutting down apps that are not being used, optimizing phone power usage, and providing other customization settings to save battery power. However, keep in mind that not all battery saving apps are effective and some can even burden battery power further. It’s best to do your research first, read reviews, and choose a trusted and proven effective battery saver app for Oppo A3s.

Enable Dark Theme Mode

Oppo A3s uses an IPS screen which does not have technology like AMOLED that saves power in dark theme mode. However, enabling dark theme mode on apps that support it can help reduce battery power consumption. Dark theme mode uses a darker color palette, which allows the pixels on the screen to use less power. Although the effect is not as great as on AMOLED displays, there are still power savings that you can get by enabling dark theme mode on apps that you use daily.

Reduce Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications that constantly enter your phone can also reduce Oppo A3s battery life. Every time there is a notification, the phone will make a sound or vibration, and the screen will also light up. All of these things use battery power that is certainly not necessary if the notification is not important. It is important to check the notification settings on each application and disable unnecessary notifications. You can prioritize important notifications such as messages or phone calls and turn off notifications from apps that only provide irrelevant information or trigger your less important interests.

System Settings

Apart from using battery saving apps, system settings on Oppo A3s can also help extend battery life. Some settings that need to be considered include:

  • Security/Privacy Settings: Turn off the fingerprint or face scanning feature when not in use to save battery power.
  • Connection Settings: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC features when not in use to save battery power.
  • App Settings: Check individual app settings and turn off auto-sync, notifications, or location access features when not needed.
  • Screen Settings: Customize the screen setting time to automatically turn off when not in use for a certain amount of time. Choose a time that suits your usage habits.
  • Sound Settings: Turn off vibration or set the sound volume at an appropriate level to avoid wasting battery power.

Information Table on Why Oppo A3s Battery Runs Out Quickly

Here is a table that contains complete information about the explanation of why the Oppo A3s battery runs out quickly, solutions to overcome it, and alternatives that you can try:

Cause Solution Alternatives
Limited Battery Capacity Lower screen brightness Continued use of fast charging feature
Heavy App Usage Closing unused apps Use of unauthorized accessories
Too High Screen Brightness Using battery saving mode Operating system upgrade
Constantly Active Internet Connection Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data network Increased battery capacity
Enabled Bluetooth and GPS features Enable airplane mode Using battery saver app
Too many apps Replacing the battery with a new one Enable dark theme mode
Increase Battery Life Take good care of the battery Reduce unnecessary notifications

Why Oppo A3s Battery Runs Out Fast – Q&A

Question 1: Does screen brightness really affect battery life?

Answer: Yes, the higher the screen brightness level, the more power is used and reduces battery life.

Question 2: Does using an unauthorized charger affect the battery life of Oppo A3s?

Answer: Yes, unofficial or uncertified chargers can affect battery life. We recommend using the official charger recommended by Oppo.

Question 3: Does activating airplane mode turn off all features on the Oppo A3s?

Answer: Yes, airplane mode will turn off all features that require a connection, thus saving battery power.

Question 4: Does taking good care of the battery extend the life and battery life of the Oppo A3s?

Answer: Yes, taking good care of the battery such as avoiding use when the battery is too depleted or too full, and maintaining the battery temperature can extend the life and durability of the battery.

Question 5: Can dark theme mode help save battery power on Oppo A3s?

Answer: Even though Oppo A3s uses an IPS screen, enabling dark theme mode can still help reduce screen power consumption and save battery power.

Question 6: Can turning off unimportant notifications improve the battery life of Oppo A3s?

Answer: Yes, turning off unimportant notifications can reduce battery power usage and improve Oppo A3s battery life.

Question 7: Can using a battery saver app help extend battery life?

Answer: Yes, there are many battery saving apps that can help extend the battery life of Oppo A3s. You can try some of these apps and choose the one that suits you best.


After knowing the various possibilities and solutions to the Oppo A3s battery drain problem, you can optimize your phone usage and extend battery life. By lowering the screen brightness, closing unused apps, enabling battery saving mode, using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data network, and taking good care of the battery, you can solve this problem. If all these solutions are not satisfactory enough, you can also try alternatives such as using the fast charging feature, using authorized accessories, or increasing the battery capacity. Stay wise in using your phone and always pay attention to battery life for a better usage experience.

Hopefully this article is useful for you in overcoming the Oppo A3s battery problem that runs out quickly. Remember that wise use and good maintenance of the battery can extend the life and maintain the performance of your cellphone. If you are still having problems with the Oppo A3s battery, you should contact Oppo’s authorized service for further assistance. Good luck!

Why does the Oppo A3s battery drain quickly?

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